Order Status

Has my order shipped?

Most orders ship out in 2-3 days. We have various vendors but most state a production time of 2-3 days and a Shipping time of 5 to 10 days. We are closed on weekends. You will receive an email when we ship your order that will include your tracking number. This tracking number will become active upon the package being scanned out of the facility by the carrier. Planning further ahead during peak times, (typically February, March, and July through December) will allow your merchandise to arrive when needed.


Why is my order taking longer than expected?

Occasionally, the order fulfillment may take longer than initially expected. This may be caused by one of the following:

The garment is out of stock and needs to be ordered from the supplier (if the delay is just a few days, the Print Providers do not necessarily inform us).

The product did not pass the post-production quality check and needs to be reprinted to ensure a high-quality standard.

The order contains 12 or more items.

However, if your order hasn’t been updated or shipped within 7 business days, please get in touch with our Support team for a status update.


Can the production time be expedited?

Unfortunately, the production time (fulfillment) cannot be expedited.



If the order has been sent to production, it means that the order data has reached the Print Provider, and they may already be working on the order fulfillment. Due to that, it may not be possible to cancel the order free of charge at this point.


Can I do a custom design that's not on your website?

Yes, you can. Please email your design and quantity request to shopheartline@gmail.com. We will review and determine the best method of embellishment and quote you a price. Keep in mind, we quote these from quantity and number of colors in design, so please supply accurate information so we can quote job one time. Please include the shirt style you want (t-shirt, hoodie, long sleeve, etc.) as well as the quantities and any artwork you have available. Make sure to include all your contact information in this email.


My order never arrived.

Before calling or emailing, track your package with the tracking number supplied in the email stating your order has shipped. Keep in mind that if you have not received this email the package hasn't shipped yet. When Tracking, if the package says, “Delivered" YOU must contact the carrier (USPS, FedEx, or UPS) and file a claim, not Heartline. We can only see the same thing you can and cannot be of any more assistance. At this point the carrier is at fault. Many of these carriers can look up timestamps and GPS coordinates where the package(s) were dropped to assist you in locating your package.

USPS Link: https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm

FedEx Link: https://www.fedex.com/en-us/customer-support/claims.html


An item is missing from my shipment. 

The preferred way to reach us is through email. The email address is shopheartline@gmail.com. Please supply your name, the item you are missing, order number and the email address that was used to place the order. We will investigate weights of the package based on the products you ordered and will immediately find discrepancies with this method.


How does Heartline handle refunds and returns?

Based on the type of product you have ordered; this will lead us to whether refunds or exchanges are allowed or how they can be handled. Which means that products that are unique and produced only once ordered. Would mean that returns and exchanges are not supported if you ordered the wrong size, color, or simply changed your mind.

However, in case of a damaged product or a manufacturing error, a free replacement or a refund would be offered if you contact us within 30 days of product delivery. Please get in touch with our team using the email shopheartline@gmail.com and provide a clear photo showing the issue, along with any information you feel we may need.

If there’s an issue affecting multiple products that use the same design, an additional photo (or video) of all affected items visible in one frame will be required for confirmation purposes.

Note that if the order shipping details were incorrect, or if you have ordered the wrong size or color, we will not be held responsible and will not offer replacements or refunds. You are responsible for submitting the correct information to us.

Rest assured, anything we can do to help rectify the issue we will do our best to make it right.


Do you charge sales tax?

Yes. Sales tax is automatically applied to your order in accordance with individual state regulations.


Why am I being charged sales tax?

Sales tax is governed at the state level. By law, we are required to charge the current sales tax rate for your state.


Do you charge tax on Gift Certificates? 

No, we do not charge tax on Gift Certificates, however when the gift certificate is used to make a purchase, taxes must be paid on that purchase. Think of it as giving someone money to go buy a product. When they get to the store or place the order online, they will be charged tax at checkout. If you are a Non-Profit or Sales Tax Exempt, please submit your exemption certificate to us before you order so we can correct this with a code.


I have a question about my charges.

Please contact customer service at shopheartline@gmail.com or ‪(316) 804-8038

9AM-4PM CST for further assistance. Email is always the best way to reach us.


I need a copy of my receipt/invoice.

To obtain a copy of your invoice and view your past orders, simply sign into your account, and click the account link. If you still cannot find your invoice, feel free to email us for a copy at shopheartline@gmail.com.


My credit card was declined?

There are a few reasons why your credit card could be declined. Double check to make sure your billing address matches the address that your credit card has registered. If it still does not work, try reaching out to us and your bank.


When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged the night that the order was placed online. Most banks typically batch near or around midnight.


Direct to Garment Care

Direct to Garment Care Instructions:

IMPORTANT: Must wash before wearing! We recommend the first wash be alone, no other garments in your machine. Washing will remove any pretreatment that may have been used in the Direct to Garment process. Failure to wash your garment could result in permanent discoloration due to UV exposure. Pretreatment is used to bind the white ink of the design to your garment and is required in Direct to Garment printing. Machine wash cold, inside out with like colors on gentle setting the least amount of time. Tumble dry medium, do not iron, do not dry clean.


Always, feel free to ask any question you have, we are here to help!